Are You Ready? It’s Still Hurricane Season!

Are You Ready? It’s Still Hurricane Season!

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Are You Ready? It’s Still Hurricane Season!The weather systems have been acting up lately and spawning tropical depressions that could turn into hurricanes. Hurricane season doesn’t end until November 1st. If you haven’t taken any steps to prepare for hurricanes, you should do so now.

First, make sure you have flood insurance. Floods are not covered by your homeowner’s policy. You have to buy special flood insurance. Your agent will be able to help you acquire the coverage.

Then you need to prepare a hurricane emergency kit. This kit should contain some bottled water, batteries, a battery-operated or crank-operated radio, blankets, clothing, and some crackers or snack foods. It should also contain a good first aid kit. Keep this emergency kit in a location that is easy to reach in the event you are evacuated or you decide to head inland to avoid the worst of the storm.

You should also include some games, books, or puzzle books to keep your family occupied if you end up sitting in a shelter for any amount of time. You can’t be sure that there will be reliable electricity for electronic games in a shelter.

Make photocopies of your important documents. These should include proof of ownership papers for your car, home, boat, and other valuable items. You need to be able to prove you owned these items if they are lost or damaged in the hurricane. Store these papers in your emergency kit, or in a safe deposit box that is located far away from any potential hurricane damage area.

Make a list of other items you will need that can’t be stored in your emergency kit right now. This list should include items such as medications, chargers for your electronics, valuable jewelry, toiletries, baby food, and backup copies of computer drives if you don’t have online storage for your data.

Also make a list of the things you need to do before you leave your home. If you believe your absence could be prolonged, you may want to shut off the electricity before leaving. Your frozen foods may be ruined, but electricity and water don’t mix well. You will want to close hurricane shutters, or put plywood panels over all of your windows. It’s also a good idea to check the yard for anything that could damage your house if it flew around in a hurricane. Patio items, for example, could be stored in the garage.

Keep these lists in the hurricane kit. That way, everyone will know just where they are when they are needed. Review the lists once a year for any revisions.

If you have a pet, you need to have a plan for what to do with your pet in the event you need to evacuate. If you plan to stay at a motel that is inland, you need to make sure the motel will accept pets or else find a shelter that can keep your pet while you wait out the storm. Don’t forget to include some pet food in your emergency kit if your pet will be staying with you.

At least once a year, go through your hurricane emergency kit. Replace old batteries, water bottles, and anything else that has an expiration date or could go bad in the near future. You want your kit to be fully functional in the event you need it. With a little preparation you should be able to weather the storm just fine!

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What should you look for in a home safe?

What Should You Look For In A Home Safe?

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What should you look for in a home safe? Willetts Team Southport NC

Are you thinking about buying a home safe for your valuables? A home safe can protect your jewelry, cash, important documents, and computer disks. But not all safes are alike. You need to know what type of safe to buy and where to install it.

You should only buy a safe that has been rated by an independent rating agency. Underwriters Laboratories is the most prominent rating company. The rating assures that the claims made by the manufacturer are accurate.

What should you look for in a home safe?

Safes can be rated on how long it will take a thief to break into the safe using tools and blowtorches. Home safes can be broken into. The goal is to slow the thief down. Most thieves want to be out of a house in about 10 minutes. If it takes 30 minutes to break into your safe, the typical thief will just skip it.

Safes can also be rated for fire resistance. The amount of fire resistance your safe needs depends on what you plan to place in it and how long the safe needs to protect the contents. If you are storing money or paper documents in it, the interior should not get hotter than 350 degrees. Computer disks or DVDs need temperatures of no more than 125 degrees.

The temperature rating will also include a duration, say 30 minutes. According to Consumer Reports, fires move through a home, usually spending no more than 20 minutes in a room. So, 30 minutes of protection should be enough. If you can afford it, you might consider a safe with more than 30 minutes of protection. Some hot spots in a fire can last more than 20 or 30 minutes.

Data and media specific safes provide temperature protection but they do not usually provide protection from burglary. If you need to protect your data and media from theft, one solution is to purchase a small data safe and place it inside a strong burglary safe.

Where should you install your home safe?

You want to select a place that is hidden, but convenient. If it’s not convenient, there is a tendency to not use the safe all of the time, leaving valuables around for thieves to steal.

Most burglars head for the master bedroom to grab jewelry from drawers or closets. It’s probably best not to store the safe in the master bedroom. Consider using the closet of a spare bedroom. Some people like to use the basement. It can be easy to secure the safe to the floor or wall in the basement. But make sure your home is not subject to floods, or you will need a waterproof safe if you place it in the basement.

Most safes come with predrilled holes so that you can attach the safe to the floor or walls. Be sure to attach your safe to wall studs and thick flooring. If you don’t, the thief could just carry the safe away. If he takes it home, he has all the time he wants to open the safe.

A good safe can provide you with peace of mind for the extra protection it affords. But don’t forget other protective measures. You should still use a good quality alarm on your doors and windows. And be sure to keep mum about your new safe. You don’t want thieves to know you have something valuable to protect in a safe. That would just entice them!

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How To Hire A Pet Sitter

Need to Leave Town? Pet Sitters to the Rescue!

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How To Hire A Pet Sitter Willetts Properties Southport NCIf you have to leave town for a few days or weeks and can’t take your beloved pet with you, what will you do? If you are lucky, you have family nearby who would be willing to care for your pet. Or maybe a responsible neighbor loves your little one as much as you do and would be willing to help out. But what if you don’t have family or a special neighbor who can help? You will either have to board your pet in a kennel or hire a pet sitter.

Most pet owners would prefer to avoid the kennel. They just don’t want their pet stuck in a cage most of the day. And they are afraid that the kennel won’t be able to show their pet any extra love and affection. So, that leaves the pet sitter. But how do you go about hiring a pet sitter?

The first place to check is with your vet. The employees of many vets are often licensed and bonded to pet sit. The vet would be able to assure you about their qualifications and loving nature toward pets. And the pet sitter would have access to your pet’s medical records if any special care is required. If the employees don’t pet sit, the vet may know of some excellent pet sitters in the area. If you still can’t find a pet sitter, try asking any friends who have a pet similar to yours. You could also ask for a recommendation from a local dog trainer or the humane society.

Be careful about hiring a local teenager. While the teenager may seem responsible, there are many things that could cause him to forget about his pet sitting job. Then what will happen to your pet?

There are now several companies that specialize in pet-sitting services. In many cases, the pet sitters take pets into their homes while you are away. The pet sitters are usually licensed and bonded, but you should verify this first. You can research these pet sitters online, but when you feel you have found someone who might be right, you should interview the person over the phone and then take your pet over to the sitter’s home. Watch the interaction between the pet sitter and your pet. If the sitter is too busy to meet or reluctant to meet in person, then find another sitter.

Make sure the potential sitter is willing to follow any directions you have regarding feeding, medications, exercise, play, and general routine. If you hire the sitter, be sure to put all of these instructions in writing for the sitter.

Once you feel comfortable that you have found the right sitter, you will need to sign a contract. It should specify all of the services you expect to be performed while your pet is in the sitter’s care. It will also specify the costs. Make sure any special services you require are detailed in the contract.

If the sitter is to take care of your pet in your home, make sure that the sitter has a key, and knows where a spare key is located, in case the sitter’s key gets lost. Also specify whether the sitter will be living in the house or visiting it every day and the number of hours the sitter should be caring for your pet. You will also need to provide the sitter with the security code access number.

Finally, make sure the sitter is willing to keep you informed about your pet while you are gone. You will feel easier about being away if you can see pictures of your little friend in daily text messages!

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How to make your yard sale a success! Willetts Team Southport NC

How to make your yard sale a success!

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How to make your yard sale a success! Willetts Team Southport NCAt some point, you may want to have a yard sale, garage sale, or an estate sale. If you are going go to the trouble of holding a yard sale, you will want to get the most money possible for your effort. How do you make sure that your sale will be a success?

Visit some local garage sales and estate sales first. Decide what you liked about each one. Was it worth getting out of the car? Were the items presentable – clean, neat, and in good condition? Did they have some value or were they just junk? What kind of prices were they charging? Did a lot of people come to the yard sale?

Now that you have some experience checking out yard sales, you know some dos and don’ts for your sale. Before you do anything else, make sure you are able to legally conduct your sale. Check with your city to determine if you need a permit to hold the sale. And if you live in a homeowner’s association, make sure that yard sales are allowed.

When you place some ads for your sale, be specific about the types of goods available to buyers. Be sure to list some of your better items to entice good buyers. Better yet, include some pictures of your best items.

Make sure you put up large, easy-to-read signs out on the street, so that people can find your sale. Use arrows to direct them to your location.

Try to have dozens of different items for sale. If the sale looks too skimpy, some people won’t bother to get out of the car. Presentation is important. Good items should be clean and shiny and placed on tables, with table cloths if possible. You won’t get top dollar if all of your items are dirty and dusty and sitting on the garage floor. If you are holding an estate sale, where most of the furniture and goods in a home are being sold, you will probably need to have the items placed in a few rooms that people can walk through.

Every item should have a price tag. That makes it easier for both the customers and the workers to know the price.

The person in charge should be easily identifiable – with a hat or apron. Some people will want to negotiate the prices, and they will need to know with whom to negotiate. Also only one person should handle the money. Make sure that you have plenty of coins and dollar bills to use for change. The money should never be left unattended for any reason.

Store up on plastic shopping bags. People who buy lots of small items will appreciate being able to get them to the car easily.

Finally, decide in advance what you will do with the items that nobody purchases. Since you have already decided that you don’t need these items, consider donating them to a local charity.

If you prepare properly, your yard sale or estate sale should be successful! Good luck!

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Oh No! Not the Garage! WIlletts Team Southport NC

Oh No! Not the Garage!

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How to clean out and organize your garage in 7 easy steps.

Oh No! Not the Garage! Willetts Team Southport NC

Is your garage so full that there is no room for your car? If so, it’s time to tackle the garage. You’ve been putting this job off for years. It’s a big job, but it’s not that hard to do. Follow these steps to a new home for your car.

1. Set aside a weekend to tackle this job. Give some thought in advance to how you might want to organize things. Items that you use a lot need to be in a handy place. Those items that are needed but rarely used should be put in harder to reach places.

2. Pull everything out of the garage, even the boxes you never opened when you moved into the house. As you do this, separate items into three piles: items you need to keep, items you don’t need anymore, and items for the trash. The usable items that you don’t need can be handed down to family members, sold, or given to charity.

3. Once the garage is empty, clean the space thoroughly. Hose down the floor. Clean off the walls and any built-ins or counters. Consider painting the walls and ceilings a light color. And add a very bright light bulb. Most garages have the worst lighting possible.

4. Separate the items that you are keeping into groups of like items, such as tools, bikes, Christmas ornaments, and supplies of soft drinks, paper products, and cleaning materials.

5. Consider your storage options. It’s best to go vertical. Use the wall space. You can hang tools from a peg board installed on a wall. You can hang bikes and sports equipment from hangers installed on a wall. If you have enough room, install a work bench along a wall. It can be used as a work bench or potting table. You can install open shelves, buy a metal shelving unit, or install a cupboard with lots of interior shelves.

If you don’t have a mud room and people enter from the garage, consider installing some cupboards or lockers near the door where family can store muddy boots, shoes, gloves, and other clothing.

Also consider ceiling storage. There are ceiling storage systems available at the big box home improvement stores. Ceiling storage is great for items that are rarely used. Just make sure that you have clearance from the open garage door.

6. If you have lots of small items, such a nails, screws, nuts, and bolts, or sewing supplies such as threads, elastic, needles, and pins, place each group of items in separate plastic boxes, label each box, and store on a shelf. The more you separate the items and the more you label the boxes, the happier you will be when you need to grab one of the items.

7. Now, get rid of the items you no longer want. Give them to family, sell them on eBay, or donate them to charity. But under no circumstances let them back into the garage.

Once the job is done, your car will have a cozy new home. You will have room to walk around in the garage, and you will know what you have and where it is. Isn’t that better?

If you are considering buying or selling a home, give us a call. We have been helping people buy and sell real estate in Brunswick County for over 40 years!

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8 Steps to Dress up a Petit Backyard Willetts Team Southport NC

8 Steps to Dress up a Small Backyard

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8 Steps to Dress up a Small Backyard Willetts Team Southport NC

Many homes that are located near downtown often have very tiny space in the backyard. That’s one of the trade-offs to living so close to the center of a city. But some suburban homes have the same issue. Cluster homes, several homes built close together, also have very tiny backyards. The homes cost less because they sit on a small amount of land.

You might think that a tiny backyard means that there is nothing you can do to make the space feel welcoming and spacious. That’s not true. There are things you can do to make your small space your own oasis. Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

1. Use your vertical space. Create a vertical garden along one or two walls, especially if the walls are ugly. Use a trellis along a wall and plant climbing plants such as ivy around the trellis. In no time, the ivy and trellis will become an eye-catching feature hiding the eyesore wall.

Along another wall, you can hang planters. Add color in your choice of plants. Or maybe create a vertical herb garden. There are dozens of ways to create a vertical garden and it takes up almost no floor space.

Trellises and vertical gardens can also add privacy from nosy neighbors.

2. Create a focal point. The focal point does not have to be tiny. A large urn could be perfect. A water fountain would also be an excellent focal point. The focal point keeps people from noticing that the yard is tiny.

3. Make items do double duty. The edge of a raised flower bed along a wall can become a seat. Or the wall of a raised flower bed can become the back of a bench. Use a chair that can also convert to a chaise lounge. In the chair position, it takes up less space, but it is still available for sunbathing or lounging.

4. Use a water feature to mitigate noise. If you live in the city, traffic and other noises can be disruptive. Add a water feature to your little yard and listen to the water rather than the traffic. You can create a narrow fountain in the form of a babbling brook that travels along the side of your yard.

5. Minimize clutter. Small spaces will look messy and cramped with just a small amount of clutter. So, eliminate the clutter. Try built-in seating rather than several chairs. Keep plantings organized.

6. Consider artificial turf. With artificial grass, you won’t have to try to mow a small lawn, especially if your yard is surrounded by walls on all sides.

7. Create neat walkways. If your tiny yard has cracked concrete, replace it. Use bricks, pavers, outdoor tiles, or fresh concrete. Using one surface material will create cohesion throughout the yard.

8. Get creative with lighting. Be sure to replace that single light fixture by the back door with both practical and dramatic lighting. Use landscape lighting to enhance trees and the focal point, sconces or task lights by the grill, and maybe an arm pendant light that can hang above the eating area but move out of the way when not in use.

A tiny yard does not have to be boring. You can create your own dream oasis. Decide what you want and then get started. You’ll enjoy having your own outdoor room.

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Organizing Tips that Work in Every Room! Willetts Team

Organizing Tips that Work in Every Room!

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Organizing Tips that Work in Every Room! Willetts TeamDo you feel hopelessly disorganized? Is it difficult to find things you need when you need them? Then you need an organization boost. Here are some tips to approach the problem logically.

The first thing to do is get rid of unnecessary clutter. Toss out items you don’t really use. Or, give them to charity. If you haven’t used something in the last five years, get rid of it.

Next, look at the room you are in and decide what needs to be handy, and what can be stored away. In the kitchen, that turkey roaster, extra-large serving platter, or punch bowl may only be used once a year. They don’t need to be in the kitchen taking up valuable space. Store them in the garage, basement, or an unused bedroom. In your home office, any file that hasn’t been touched in the last year should be stored elsewhere, such as the garage or basement. The less often you use something the farther away it should be stored.

Make your stored items easy to find

Clear plastic containers are great for storing many things. You can find the right winter sweater just by glancing at the container. If you use shoe-size or boot-size cardboard boxes, then clearly label what is inside the box so that you don’t have to open several boxes to find that purse you are looking for. Place the labels on the end that faces you so that you can see immediately what’s in the box. Old tax returns and business files should be stored in file boxes and labeled with the contents and years in each box.

Group your stored items together

If you have three plastic boxes of sweaters, store them all on the same closet shelf. All boxes of Christmas or seasonal items should be stored in the same location. Business file boxes should be stored together by year. Same thing with old tax returns. This will make it easier to find items when you need them.

Store items that go together in the same box

First aid supplies (bandages, gauze, tape, iodine, antiseptic cream, small scissors, etc.) should all be stored in the same container. While you want to keep this container handy, having everything you will need in one place will make it easier to find what you need when you need it. Small sewing supplies for mending (thread, needles, scissors, pins, seam ripper, etc.) should be stored together in the same container. Small office supplies (extra pens and pencils, staples, note pads, etc.) should be stored in a labeled box. You can keep the box in your home office, but storing the items in a box will make the room more organized and clutter-free.

Anything stored in the open should be nice looking. Using attractive baskets and containers in the laundry room to store items will make the room look good as well as organized. Using pretty boxes to store toys and games will make the family room look neater.

Try these organizing tips and bring a little more order to your life!

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Are you a plant murderer? Here are 6 hardy houseplants that are hard to kill!

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Plants are a wonderful addition to any room. They warm up the space and purify the air. They can add a touch of color and fill in any bare areas in the room. But if you have had trouble keeping houseplants alive, don’t give up hope. There are plants that are very hard to kill. Here are a few of the best, hardiest houseplants:
Are you a plant murderer? Here are 6 hardy houseplants that are hard to kill! Willetts Team Southport NC

Ponytail Palm

Not a palm tree, the ponytail palm is actually a succulent that looks like a palm. Its base stores water. This miniature tree grows so slowly that it can live for many years in the same pot. It needs bright light and water once a week when the soil is dry. Since it stores water in the base, it can tolerate an occasional lack of water.
Are you a plant murderer? Here are 6 hardy houseplants that are hard to kill! Willetts Team Southport NC

Snake Plant

With long green leaves that shoot straight up, the snake plant is almost indestructible. It likes any amount of light except intense, direct sunlight. It can survive beautifully in darker corners of a room. In needs just four to six ounces of water every 10 days, except in winter when it should be watered just once a month. Most varieties of this plant grow to about 12 inches, although some varieties can grow to about 4 feet.



ZZ Plant

This tropical perennial with glossy green leaves is very tolerant of neglect. It grows in very low, medium, or bright light, but not intense, direct sunlight. Water it when the soil becomes dry, perhaps every two weeks. The plant grows slowly to a height of about 16 to 28 inches.

Air Plant

The tillandsia, or air plant, is amazingly easy to care for. This unusual plant needs no soil to grow. The varieties can have leaves in shades of red, gray, or green. They can be straight, curly, soft, or stiff. Some varieties even have beautiful blooms that last for weeks. You can set them in groups on a table top, tuck them into bowls or driftwood, or hang them on the wall. The like bright light and good air circulation. Mist them with a spray bottle once a week or soak them in water and let them dry on paper towels once a week.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Unlike most ferns, this fern has thick wavy leaves and a very sturdy appearance. The plant prefers low, indirect light to medium light. Avoid direct sunlight. Give this plant water once or twice a week. It can tolerate an occasional missed watering. Fertilize the soil once or twice a year. The bird’s nest fern can grow to about 2 feet.

Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe plant is a succulent that produces long thick green leaves. The leaves contain a jellylike substance that is useful in treating burns and abrasions. The plant should be potted on cacti-specific soil. It prefers indirect light or artificial light. Water deeply, but allow the plant to dry out one to two inches deep before watering again. Some varieties are miniatures. Others can grow to two feet in diameter.

If you are interested in turning your brown thumb green, try growing these houseplants!

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4th of July Activities for Southport-Oak Island

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Southport - Oak Island-4th of July Willetts TeamHave you figured out what you are doing to celebrate the Fourth of July this year? Fortunately, if you are in the Oak Island/Southport area, you will have a four-day weekend of events. Of course, you can celebrate at home and have a barbeque dinner with family and friends. But if you want to get out and see the sights, you’ll want to know what is happening nearby.

Oak Island

Oak Island celebrates its annual Oak Island Beach Day on July 1st. There will be live entertainment, family contests, and inflatables from 10 am. – 2 pm. at Middleton Park. There will also be a skateboarding contest at the skatepark, and games and contests on the beach in front of the cabana during the day. A live beach band will provide entertainment until the fireworks begin at about 9 pm.


The NC 4th of July Festival in Southport is a four-day affair which is attended by 40,000 to 50,000 people each year. Emotionally touching events include a naturalization ceremony, a veteran recognition ceremony, a military band concert, and a reading of the Constitution of the United States. Visitors will see arts and crafts, a national art show, and a televised patriotic parade. Other events also include old-fashioned children’s games such as watermelon eating contests and potato sack races, live entertainment, the Brunswick Band Concert, and contests in sandcastle building, horseshoes, volleyball, and shag. Visit the Shine and Show Classic Car Show or watch the sailboats under full sail on the Waterfront.
And don’t forget the food! There will be a pancake breakfast and tons of food vendors. Enjoy hot dogs, Italian sausage, shrimp baskets, barbeque, blooming onions, fries, ice cream, funnel cakes, cotton candy, and much more.
This four-day event is free for everyone, except for the food, of course! So, join the fun!

We wish all of you a Happy Independence Day!

If you are considering buying or selling a home, give us a call. We have been helping people buy and sell real estate in Brunswick County for over 40 years!

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Grilling this summer? Here are ten tips for safe grilling!

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Grilling this summer? Here are ten tips for safe grilling! Willetts Team Southport NCPart of the fun of summer is grilling food outdoors. Burgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken, steaks, fish, salmon, and veggies all seem to taste so much better when grilled. And grilling becomes part of the fun when gathering with family and friends.

To keep things fun and festive, grilling safety is a must. Over 16,000 people a year end up in the emergency room due to a grilling injury. And nearly 9,000 homes fires each year involve grills. By observing just a few safety rules, you can avoid injury to your home and family.

  1. Never use a grill indoors. Grilling should only be done outdoors where is there is plenty of ventilation. Do not grill in a garage or under a carport.
  2. Never leave a grill unattended. Grills are extremely hot. Children can be severely burned if they even touch the outside of a grill. Or a fire could start if the grill was knocked over.
  3. Grill in a safe location. The grill should be at least 10 feet from your house or any structure. It should be stable and level. It should be at least 3 feet from anything, such as seat cushions, that can catch on fire.
  4. Never turn on gas grills when the lid is closed. The gas can build up inside the grill and either explode or cause a fireball to shoot out at you when you open the lid.
  5. Do not add starter fluid to a charcoal grill after the coals or kindling have already been ignited. The fire can climb the stream of fluid back to the can and cause the can to explode in your hand. If the fire is too low, add more kindling and coals, not fluid.
  6. If you are using any electrical appliance with your grill, such as a rotisserie, make sure that the cord is away from walkways or places where people can trip on them.
  7. Wear safe clothing. Clothing with long loose sleeves, scarves, or ties could come in contact with the fire and ignite.
  8. Be prepared for flare-ups and fires. Keep a spray bottle of water handy in case the fire flares up. Baking soda can be used if a grease fire starts. Have a fire extinguisher handy, and be sure to know how to use it, in case a fire starts. Make sure you call 911 first.
  9. After grilling, turn off the gas on a gas grill and close the vents and cover the top of a charcoal grill. If you need to dispose of the charcoal right away, soak the charcoal and ashes in water first.
  10. Keep your grill clean. If the racks are greasy, grease fires are more likely. To avoid them, clean the food racks after every use. Also clean the grease trap or collector from gas grills after every use.

Follow these safety tips and have a fun time grilling this summer!

If you are considering buying or selling a home, give us a call. We have been helping people buy and sell real estate in Brunswick County for over 40 years!

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